Friday, December 7, 2007

Adults returning to school should read this

Here's a great article for you ify ou are considering going back to school to change careers.

That FAFSA that every undergraduate needs to submit to be considered for financial aid also works for you.

Let's face it, school is expensive and you will probably have to take loans to pay the bill. But, as the article says, if you can get the government loan that could dramatically reduce the total cost for you. The best loan is the SUBSIDIZED Stafford Loan. To qualify for that loan you need to have demonstrated financial need, based on the government calculations.

The sweet part of the Subsidized Stafford Loan is that you have no payments while you are at least a half time student (defined by number of credits taken) PLUS no interest accrues while you are in school! The repayment and interest charges don't begin until 6 months after you are out of shool.

Please note there are also many scholarships available for adults returning to school. Make sure to check with your employer, too.

Since this decision is an expensive one, you might like to try out your new profession as a volunteer for a week. I week's vacation is much less expensive than debt and no income while attending school and looking for a new job.

Good Luck.

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